A family-owned seed interest in our organization in 1972 as Tahirova contracted to the Turkish-German Farm began with producing wheat seed. In the 1980s, contracted from private seed seed seed production in various organizations have undertaken.

Since the year 1995 and has worked in the private sector taking on more technically skilled technical staff within the company continues to pursue its activities as a seed.

Seed AGROTAN still onion, spinach, peas, wheat and rice seed production is certified in. At the same time the existing infrastructure and experienced technical staff continues to work with the research and development, which is desired by the manufacturer, according to changing circumstances by finding new varieties constantly renews itself




According to domestic and overseas markets offering a variety AGROTAN, throughout the country and the world with high quality products in various countries adaptation is desirable.



Determines your winnings you make the right choice. Germination of our range of high ability every time you win. AGROTAN proprietary products does not mislead you.



RESEARCH attach great importance to work. Buddha is our investment in the future in terms of strategic direction. There is always a product that appeals to you.



When you choose your seeds never AGROTAN will not regret it. Product is delivered instantly to your address. Our most important principle of 100% customer satisfaction.